​Other Surgery Roles


Stephen Jones

Steve is a Bristol CCG (Clinical Commissioning Group) Pharmacist who works one day a week with the practice to help ensure medicines are prescribed in a safe, effective and sustainable way and to help improve the care and health outcomes for our patients.

​​Community Resources Lead
​Jenny Godden

What does a Community Resource Lead do?

Our community resource lead contacts patients who our GPs identify need signposting to local organisations and services to access further non-medical support. She also keeps clinicians and other staff up to date with resources available in the community for patients to be signposted to.

She is responsible for keeping our carers register up to date and when a carer is identified by a clinician, provides appropriate information and signposting to the carer, including booking them into our monthly in-house carer's surgery.

Care Co-Ordinator

What does a Care Co-Ordinator do?

Our Care Co-ordinator contacts patients who have recently been discharged from hospital to check that they have everything they need to manage at home.  She is able to signpost patients to local organisations to access further support.  She also contacts carers and patients who look after others who are unable to manage without their help to enable them to access advice and local services.